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Marlène Maitre

Relation Réseau Microlaser Biotech (RMLB)

In charge of the Relations with the French Microlaser Biotech Network (RMLB)

Ingénieur d'études  Responsable plateforme Isolement Cellulaire (Microdissection Laser, MACS (Magnetic-Actived Cell Sorting) et Histologie / Senior Engineer, Head of the Cell Isolation platform (Laser Microdissection, MACS and Histology)


Histologie, cryocoupes, coloration, immunomarquage - Séparation tissulaire et cellulaire: Microdissection laser, technologie MACS (MAgnetic Cell Separation- tri cellulaire magnétique) transcriptomique spatiale / Histology, cryosections, staining, immunolabelling - Tissue and cell separation: Laser microdissection, MACS technology, Spatial transcriptomics

Tissus humains et rongeurs, Neurosciences et Cancérologie / Human and rodent tissue, Neurosciences and Oncology

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