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Nanobioanalytical tools for extracellular vesicles subsets characterization


Institut FEMTO-ST, UMR 6174 CNRS, Besançon

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are membrane-derived, tiny vesicles produced by all cells, which ange from 30 to several hundreds of nanometers in diameter, and are used as means of intercellular communication. They are emerging as promising diagnostic and therapeutic tools for a variety of diseases. Due to their high complexity in size, composition, structure and cell origin, their characterization requires a combination of analytical techniques. Our approach involves the development of a new generation of multiparametric analytical platforms with increased throughput for the characterization of subpopulations of EVs. To achieve this goal, the work starts from the nanobioanalytical platform (NBA) established by the group, which allows an original investigation of EVs based on a combination of multiplexed biosensing methods with metrological and morphomechanical analyses by AFM of vesicular targets trapped on a microarray biochip. Recently, this NBA platform was completed by Raman spectroscopy, at the macro- (imaging mode) and nano-scale (at the vesicular resolution) in order to push the limits in terms of detection and discrimination. Those developments and this methodology enable us to propose a multimodal and easyto-use analytical solution for the discrimination of nanoparticles and EV subsets in complex biological samples, for clinical and therapeutical prospects.

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